How To Get Many Visitors Using An Influencer Group

The best way to build your brand is to create content with value through a blog post that shows you are an authority in the field. Doing so will also allow you to increase traffic and get leads. One of the main problems faced by entrepreneurs is not getting enough visitors even though they spend lots of time both creating and promoting their own content. The sure-fire way to avoid this is to do it the right way in the first place.
In this post, you will learn the things you need to do to create an influencer group posts to get lots of traffic to your site.

  1. Come Up with a List of Your Industry’s Influencers

    Who are those people in your industry that have already built an audience? Create a list of them along with their e-mail address. These are people who have lots of followers in social media and a reputable website.

  2. Contact Key Influencers

    Think about possible issues your potential audience may have. These should be problems they may be having and should be related to your business. Then, contact influencers (via e-mail) and politely ask them to solve those questions for you.
    Influencers usually get lots of Emails. Make sure the Email you will be sending to each one of them is personalized and captivating. Tell them that you acknowledge them as a main influencer in the field and would really appreciate if they could take a few minutes of their time to answer the questions. Also, thank them and state that your post will provide users lots of value if they accept.
    You should aim at having at least 30 main influencers in your blog post.

  3. Create the Actual Blog Post

    Write a blog post and detail each of the answers given by the influencers. You should give the appropriate credits to the key influencers and if possible include a picture of them and a link to their sites. On top of that, create a picture that includes each of the influencers’ picture in it. This has a purpose as you’ll notice in a moment.

  4. Contact the Influencers Again

    Send another e-mail to the influencers letting them know about the blog post you have created and posted. Don’t tell them to share it since they already know this should be done. Don’t forget to thank them and if the post has gain popularity mention it in the Email.

  5. Promote in Social Media

    With 30 influencers and 30 different tips you should tweet one tip a day for a month. On Facebook and on Google+, create a post including the group image mentioned above. It’s common for people to start tagging the influencers in case they know them. Share on other social media and promote it with paid advertising too.
    This piece of content is very valuable, thus you should spare no money when promoting it.
    Blogging is about tactics. Content should be created with a specific purpose, format, and promotion. Generally, the 5-step tactic just mentioned produces fantastic results. Let us know how did it go.

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