OFA Platinum Review (One Funnel Away: PLATINUM)

This year Christmas offer ClickFunnels is incredible. First of all, they give you the One Funnel Away Challenge (short OFA) with 30 days of teaching by Russell, Steve, and Julie, as well as they, offer you a special deal for ClickFunnels Platinum for a full year for a compared low price. Let's dive into this offer.

What does this offer include in detail?​

This is what you get when you buy OFA Platinum Christmas offer:

30 Days Of Coaching (Russell, Julie, Steve) 

($1,997 Value)

OFA Challenge Kit (Plus "30 Days" Book!)

($197 Value)

12 Months of ClickFunnels Platinum

($3,564 Value)

Virtual Hackathons

Huge Value

FunnelFlix Platinum


White Glove Onboarding Service

($497 Value)

BONUS: DotCom Secrets LIVE 

($2,997 Value)

BONUS: Expert Secrets LIVE

($2,997 Value)

BONUS: Traffic Secrets LIVE

($2,997 Value)

TOTAL VALUE: ($15,246 Value)
Today ONLY $1,997

30 Days Of Coaching ($1,997 Value)

The 30 Day One Funnel Away (short OFA) Challenge helps you achieve your first sales funnel and your sales goal. In the OFA you'll learn how you can set up your mind for success, create great sales offers and find out your perfect audience. You have the OFA challenge with other fellow #funnelhackers in an individual (private) Facebook  group, and you can talk to other people that are also in the same position as you are. You will also receive daily emails 📩 with your daily missions. Fun and motivating!

OFA Challenge Kit ($197 Value)

You get the OFA Challenge Kit sent to you, it contains the following printed out material:

  • One Funnel Away Challenge - Workbook
  • Russell Brunson: “30 Days” Challenge Hardcover book
  • two comma club Coaching
  • A power packed physical MP3 player

12 Months of ClickFunnels Platinum ($3,564 Value)

As part of the OFA Platinum offer you will get ClickFunnels Platinum for 12 months (worth: $3,564). You'll get unlmited funnels, unlimited pages and 3 users as well as follow-up funnels. If you want to know in detail what it all includes, read my ClickFunnels Review here.

Virtual Hackathons (Huge Value)

In the weekly Peer Review Hackathons, you will be guided through the whole funnel creation process. Very helpful and informative.

Funnel Flix (Priceless)

Funnel Flix is the Netflix for sales funnels. There are a lot of videos that teach you different marketing and sales strategies. Great to learn more about new stuff!

White Glove Onboarding Service ($497 Value)

The key feature of the ClickFunnels platform is the Funnel Builder. As you could have guessed, this is the tool that you build funnels with.


There are awesome bonuses that you'll get when you sign up for OFA Platinum:

BONUS: DotCom Secrets LIVE ($2,997 Value)
BONUS: Expert Secrets LIVE ($2,997 Value)
BONUS: Traffic Secrets LIVE ($2,997 Value)


Overall, Clickfunnels is the ultimate option for anyone interested in building a sales funnel (or even a simple website with a few pages) and this package is an incredible opportunity to get going in 2020. 


If you want to succeed in 2020, the best gift you can make yourself is investing in you!
Don't miss this incredible opportunity so that by the end of the coming year you can make yourself an even bigger present ðŸŽðŸŽðŸŽ

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