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In this blog post I'm going to assess Review InterFunnels from the point of view of a marketing funnel builder. Nevertheless, you can locate the web link below as well as with the blog post below if you wish to head over there currently. I'm going to be considering price and all of the advantages and also features of InterFunnels as a page builder from the assumption of an advertising and marketing funnel business or a marketing funnel builder.
If you wish to develop web pages for your advertising funnels such as landing pages, sales pages, product pages, squeeze pages, opt-ins, and you're trying to find a page builder, this may be the page builder as well as the item that you require. So, let's go.

About the Sellers

InterFunnels is a new software from Bobby Shahzad and Yasir Khawaja. Although, this is their very first affiliate launch, these men have been in the SaaS sector for quite time now as well as primarily relied on organic growth as well as with self financing. They are behind the popular Email Marketing Platform, established in 2008 and presently offering more than 5000 clients. In past, they have been part of different SaaS applications such as Shopping Carts, Membership Software, Affiliate Software as well as Email Autoresponders, used by thousands of Digital Marketers. Simply put, they have actually been into digital marketing for a long time. Based upon all the comments they got over the years from their clients, they are determined to develop a system that will certainly make Sales Funnel production a breeze. Which's when they began developing InterFunnels already 2 years ago.


  • InterFunnels is an Economically Diverse Platform.

There are a lot of funnel builder platforms out there. Their monthly costs keep stacking up, particularly whenever they have a new upgrade or a new feature added. However, InterFunnels is an exception.
InterFunnels is currently in launch phase and you will lock your current fee for lifetime. It mean’s no longer will your cost of funnel builder keep rising and you will keep enjoying the features of this master piece for a long time.

  • InterFunnels Brings lots of plugins together instantly.

A problem many marketing funnel builders face, is bringing lots of plugins and integrations together. If you want to build landing pages, and funnels, and automation and redirects, and automation funnels and all of that kind of stuff, you have to bring a lot of plugins together. 

  • Host Multiple Funnels under Single Login

It is a marketer’s dream to be able to access all his sites under single login. WordPress currently lacks this ability or has a very technical work around this problem. 

InterFunnels’s is multi-site capable, and this capability is available on their lowest package. The ability to have multi-site means that you just have to login from one place and all your funnels will be available for customizations.

It is also very easy to clone a funnel once you are inside the admin. This really saves you lot of time since you can duplicate the configuration of one funnel into 2, 3 or even 10 funnels. So in a sense it is easy to duplicate your successful business model across different niches. 

Building multiple types of pages with multiple types of features can also be painfully difficult to do. When you want to have a specific type of sales page, you might have to use one plugin or page builder or platform. Then if you want to have your optins created for your blog post, you might have to use WordPress, and an opt-in plugin. The problem is that you sometimes don’t want to integrate with thousands of different plugins, and this can be a problem. If you’ve got multiple different types of pages such as a squeeze page, thank you pages, sales pages, opt-in forms and then standard pages such as, product pages, homepages, it gets pretty expensive if you’re using multiple platforms for different types of page.

However, InterFunnels has them all beat. InterFunnels gets you loads of different licenses and loads of different options and enables you to use all of this economically. You can have all of this at one platform and one tech stack that you can be used repeatedly and reliably. You need not to wander around from one platform to another, InterFunnels has it all.

  • InterFunnels is NOT just another CMS.

There’s a bit of a misconception that if WordPress is only for websites, then every other form builder is only for websites as well. It could be the deal with other form builders but not with the InterFunnels.

You can create squeeze pages and grow your email list. You can create checkout pages and take payments. Or you can add these other third-party plugins onto your blog posts. InterFunnels can do all of that and much more. It’s not merely a page builder. There’s a reason why it’s become our standard tech stack for all of our funnels. So, let’s give InterFunnels a try for your marketing funnels.

  • InterFunnels offers multiple Page templates.

InterFunnels comes with a built in template for every imaginable niche. More templates are being added and will be available after the first launch.
All the templates have been designed to meet your conversion goals in most optimum way. Templates are mobile friendly and work great on all devices.  

  • InterFunnels makes it quick to build a page.

If you compare average time it takes to build a page using InterFunnels and any other funnel builder, InterFunnels will always win. Here is why..

InterFunnel comes with more than 1000 built in Page Elements. These elements are not only predesigned in a typical Internet Marketing Style, but they also have Free Sales Copy inside them. So you don’t have to design or write anything. Just point and click to add all these elements inside your Page and customize the text the way you want.

Here are some of the built in elements that come built in with InterFunnels:

1. Value Boxes

2. Comparison Boxes

3. Gurantee Boxes

4. Testimonials

5. Arrows & Bullet Points

6. Number Lists

7. Attention Grabbers

8. Text Buttons

9. Image Buttons

10. Popups

11. Count down Clocks

12. Optin Boxes

13. Order Boxes

14. Bonus Boxes

15. Value Boxes

16. Comparison Boxes

17. Gurantee Boxes

18. Pricing Tables


  • Opt-in Funnels
  • Sales funnels
  • Membership funnels
  • Membership Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Drag & Drop simple Page Editing
  • Video/Media Hosting on Amazon S3
  • PIXEL management
  • Discussion Forums
  • Temporary URL for your Funnels
  • Custom Domains
  • Free bonus Account for 3 months
  • Free Hosting Account for 3 months
  • Online Training
  • Autoresponder Integration
  • Multiple Funnels
  • Membership sites Hosting
  • Pricing

    It’s $23 for a monthly subscription but on launch date you will get 3 months access for $69 Only. You get unlimited sites, you get the actual page builder, you get membership software and you get outstanding support for full 3 months. You get all of their premium modules and templates. 

    Considering ClickFunnels charging you $97 minimum for fraction of features (and other builders charging similar fee), this is greatest bargain you can get. 

    Wrapping Up

    So, a quick summary, InterFunnels is a perfect funnel builder for all your funnel needs. It works with all kind of hosts, and it makes your funnel building process fast and easy. You can create opt-in pages, sales pages and membership sites at fraction of what it costs you with other funnel builders.

    InterFunnels is still available on very low price ($69 for 3 months) while it is in launch phase, but price is going to rapidly rise soon after the launch.

    So don’t miss this opportunity to get a lifetime discount on this high value product

    Get your Copy of InterFunnels NOW! Before its too late.

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