Funnel Scripts List of Available Scripts

Funnel Scripts List of Available Scripts

Updated on March 19 2017

Here is a List of all Scripts currently available in Funnel Scripts.

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Online Scripts

These are the Scripts that you can fill out Online in your Web-browser as a Form.

Sales Copy and Video

  • Amazon / Ecom Script
  • Brunson Bullet Script
  • Call to Action Script
  • Lead Capture Script
  • Magic Bullet Script
  • Million Dollar Testimonial Script
  • Order Bump Scripts
  • Origin Story Script
  • OTO Need Help Done-For-You Script
  • OTO Next Thing Script
  • PPT Optin Video Scripts
  • Special Offer Script
  • Webinar Optin Script
  • Who What Why How Script


  • Curiosity Ad Copy Scripts
  • Facebook Newsfeed Ad Scripts
  • PPC Ad Scripts
  • Stealth Close Scripts

Content Creation

  • Free Report Scripts
  • Seinfeld Email Topic Idea Scripts


  • Auto Email Follow-Up Scripts
  • Fast Teaser and Tweet Scripts
  • Promote Your Webinar Scripts
  • Webinar Follow-Up Scripts


  • Email Subject Line Scripts
  • Killer Headline Scripts
  • Short Headline Scripts
  • Profitable Title Scripts

Sales Letter

  • Long Form Sales Letter Script
  • Short Sales Letter Script
  • PPT Video Sales Letter Script

Funnel Scripts Download Wizards (Install the on your Mac or PC):

  • Perfect Webinar Wizard
  • VSL (Video Sales Letter) Wizard
  • Easy Survey Script
  • Star Story Solution Script

Perfect Webinar Wizard from Funnel Scripts

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