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What is an Affiliate Marketing Funnel?
An Affiliate Marketing Funnel is the simplest way to quickly make money online.

An affiliate funnel is a deviation of a traditional sales funnel. With a normal sales funnel, you drive traffic to the top of the funnel (the easy to consume product, often a free newsletter, pdf, video course etc), and then drive them through the funnel while educating them, engaging with them, nurturing them, and turning them into consistent & repeat buyers. That’s the main idea about Sales Funnels.

And, the same goes with Affiliate Funnels.

The main difference is that some parts of the funnel are controlled by 3rd party websites (the offer you’re promoting as an affiliate for example, a course, ebook or video package).

So, tackling affiliate marketing with that in mind sends the entire Affiliate marketing strategy to a whole new level whilst taking a lot of the grunt work off your hands.

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