Books about Marketing you need to read this Summer

Summer is right around the corner, so you are probably making a list of marketing books to add to your rotation.

I know summer is usually about relaxation and taking a load off, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t catch up on some reading that could have a huge impact on your business and marketing practices and your success.

Here I’ve listed a few of the best marketing books out there right now for you to take along wherever your summer vacation leads you.

Newly released “Top of Mind” has been getting a lot of attention as one of the best marketing and leadership books to help you build better business relationships. It starts off as a step-by-step guide to building lasting trust before discussing how you can use content to scale that trust to reach and engage large audiences. John is one of the dynamic marketing speakers who loves to educate others, and you see that in this book.

Affiliate marketing isn’t a channel that most people easily understand or know a ton about. Even most marketers find its method hard to grasp. But in Robert Glazer’s new book, he dives into the roots of the industry, describing what motivated it, where it’s headed, and why it should be one of the top marketing initiatives you use for your company.

So many companies claim to be consumer-focused and to put their consumers first. Consumers, however, seem to disagree. In Jay Baer’s marketing book, he describes what you should and shouldn’t be doing, as well as how customer service translates beyond phone and email in the modern world.

What makes for an effective advertising strategy? So many brands spend unnecessary amounts of money on traditional forms of advertising and generate far less return than if they were just doing what everyone in the marketing world is talking about: content marketing. In Marcus Sheridan’s book, he describes why high-quality content and digital marketing is the missing link in your advertising strategy.

I think most people can agree that who you become has everything to do with the path you took to get there. In Elise Mitchell’s book, she shares her journey to success in entrepreneurship and brand-building — and how what she learned can help you discover your own road to success.

After studying 150 strategic moves over more than 100 years and across 30 industries, business gurus W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne explain what all lasting successes have in common: tapping into new market spaces ripe for growth. Kim and Mauborgne refer to this as creating “blue oceans” in which marketers can carve their own spheres outside the cutthroat market. As your competitors fight over a shrinking market pool, you’ll have the tools to execute a winning strategy.

Article Source:
On – 26 May, 2017 By Michael Brenner

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