Become a ClickFunnels Certified Partner and Earn BIG money with Clickfunnels!

ClickFunnels Certified – What does that mean?


By now, there are many Marketers, that are using and knowing ClickFunnels. But since a few months, ClickFunnels offers also a Certified Partner Program, on which they are claiming, that it is “The Highest Paying Part Time Job” in the World. So let’s have a deeper look into this topic and check out, if it is true what they are saying!

What is Funnel Consulting?

Funnel Consultants are “normal” People that are Experts on the Topic on How To Create High Converting Sales Funnels. That means they consult Small and Large Businesses about How To Create their High Selling and High Converting Sales Funnel and How To Improve their Sales Online.

But what is a Sales Funnel?

Check out this Video for Clarification:

How Do I get Clients as a ClickFunnels Certified Partner?

On the ClickFunnels Website, there is a Marketplace and there a Potential Client sees all the different Consultants near them and that suits them best. Also, ClickFunnels itself hands you Clients, because they simply cannot fulfill all the Client Requests alone. So there is a Huge Chance, that you will get Clients on this Basis. Also, you can advertise for your Services and go for example to Local Businesses that want to increase their Sales and Conversions.

How Do I become a Funnel Consultant?

First you need to apply on the Website and then the ClickFunnels Team is going to Contact you and checks if you are a great fit for their ClickFunnels Certified Program.

After I have Signed Up, what can I expect?

You will get a Coaching by ClickFunnels about various Topics to Become a Professional Certified Partner of ClickFunnels.

Where do I get more Information?

If you want to check out the ClickFunnels Certified Partner Program, than go to their Official Website HERE!

My Verdict

In my humble Opinion, this Program is very interesting and certainly Future-Oriented! So I would propose to check it out yourself!

Thanks for Reading…

Click Funnels Certification Application

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