Impact Income Review & Bonus

Impact Income Review & Bonus

Hey folks! Thanks for stopping by to read my Impact Income Review, On this Page I show you you everything you need to know about the Product and you buying decision, and of course, give you some of my Awesome bonuses available currently.


My Impact Income Bonus Package

Of course I can’t let you procceed without the bonus package.

If you decide purchase after click on the video you receive this amazing bonus as well with your product.

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Little overview of Impact Income.

Product Name: Impact Income
Product Creator: Mr. Paul Evans and Mr. Paul Counts
Price: $1997 one time fee
Official Website:
My Verdict about: 100% RECOMMENDED.


My Impact Income Review

Impact Income will be Launching on September 26 2016 and it’s created by Paul Counts and Paul Evans.
Paul and Paul are well-known Internet Marketer with a lot of success. They know what they are doing.
Impact Income is the done for you path for your online success.

Now, why this can be so good for you?

If you aren’t successful Online yet and you wan’t to have a Full Time Online Business, than Impact Income will help you achieve exactly this goal! Start your own Online Business from Scratch and even Choose your Business Model that suits you perfectly!


Here’s what you will get inside of Impact Income

Impact Income has multiple modules and elements.
Inside the Members Area you will get a full-fledged Program from A-Z.

These are the Modules in Detail:

  • Kickstart!

    This is all about Mindset. Without the right Mindset it is impossible to becoming an Entrepreneur and having success. It makes such a difference if you are in the Employee Kind of mindset or in the Entrepreneurial Kind of Mindset. Paul Counts and Paul Evans will help you to get to your own Entrepreneur Mindset with ease!

  • CORE

    Determine which Business Model that suits you and your personality perfectly. Choose from the Various Business Models and pick the one that is the right for you! So this will be your tailored Business Model especially for you! Based on your experience and your persona, based on your Likes and Dislikes
    you will choose the Best Business Model. Even how you want to Deal with people you can choose. For example if you don’t like to talk on the Phone with potential Clients there is a Solution!
    It is going to be the perfect path for you to follow!


    You will connect your chosen Business with a precise Business Model, BUT more than just a Model – A Mission! Something you will be excited about and you can’t wait to promote! Something you are going to be PROUD of! You will get a detailed process on how each of the Business Models works so you can be on a Mission!


    Shifting from Conforming to Transforming. Customise your Mission Model into something that fits YOU perfectly.


    This is all about the Launch of your Business but also to take your Launch to the Next Level and Bank Big on the Way to it! It’s based on what’s perfectly on the Market but also what alines with you and your personality. You don’t have to do what everybody else does – You will do what feels right for you and fits you perfectly!


What else does Impact Income provide and offer?

  • Advisor Section

    You will turn in your Assignment and Paul Counts and Paul Evans are looking at it personally and will give you a response based on that. One to One Advising Element. But you can also ask questions on the Live Events but you are also being able to ask questions personally!

  • 911 Call

    You will get a One to One Call with Paul Counts and Paul Evans!

  • Graduate!

    When you are up and ready to Launch, you will Graduate and showcase yourself.

  • Resources

    Tools and Software to use.

Impact Income BONUSES

There will be huge Bonuses which will be released on November 6th 2016. The Bonuses are worth $3997! So don’t miss them!

Impact Income Final Verdict

Don’t have much to talk about this Program, it’s self explanatory, the people behind are not less than BRILLIANT.

This course is very useful and will boost your Business Success immediately.

I have never seen any other course like that on the market. I believe it’s the first and i’ll be a game changer on way to do Business.

My verdict is 100% RECOMMENDED that you become part of this Program!

Purchase Impact Income Here

Live Webinar Masterclass!


  • Why starting with “find a profitable niche” is the worst thing you could ever do!
  • The top three reasons 98% of would be online entrepreneurs fail (and how you can reverse that.)
  • The 3R System for getting hyper-focused so you never chase the wrong dream again.
  • How to make the shift from puppet to person. Take control of your business and never put your fate in the hands of a scammer.
  • Discover a simple assessment that will cut through all the smoke and mirrors being taught today. After taking the assessment you will never wonder if you are in the right business or doing the right thing. You will KNOW.
  • Plus Much, Much, More…

Attend the Webinar HERE


Impact Income Bonus Package by me



Here’s what you get If you decide to take action today

Bonus # 1

how-to-brand-yourself-online-3d-cover-tree-version-no-name-smallereBook: How to brand yourself Online.

In This comprehensive eBook you learn everything about branding and building a brand – about yourself! Highly valued tips and success stories are inside this guide. Don’t miss it!

Bonus # 2


Start Today: Tiny Subcriptions, Big Profits

Awesome Online Course about Online Business and Internet Marketing. You will be surprised what kind of Subscriptions they are.


Bonus # 3:


Start an Online Coaching Business!

This Guide helps you how to leverage your knowledge (everyone knows much about a topic, no worries!) and how to get a profitable income from that (your knowledge).



Bonus # 4:

reportStart an Information Marketing Business

In this guide all is laid out for you to start your own Information Marketing Business from Scratch.



Bonus # 5:

ecoverAwesome Guide: Using Automated Systems in Your Business

This Guide helps you to fully automate your Business and having passive Online Income from Scratch.




Bonus #6:


eBook: Start Today – Build Passive Cash Funnels from Scratch

In this Guide you learn everything about another Business Model and how to build it from Scratch. Reality checked and working!


Bonus #7:

  • I want to put this a few next level, and i choose my eight best products who i can give as a bonus for you instamate bonusand put all in one package.
  • This is 8 in 1 bonus package (Yes, you go receive eight surprise bonuses, never seen on other SITES or never given just for you have the sort of happy in your core when open!)



-> How can you get the Bonus Package?

After you have purchased Impact Income, just forward me the payment receipt to: and I will send you the Bonus within the next 24 hours.


Article Builder Review – The Article Writing Generator

Introduction to my Article Builder Review

Name: Article Builder
Creator: Jon Leger

article builder review


Intro to my Article Builder Review

So, when you want to be an Internet Marketer you know, that creating quality content (article writing) is essential for your success in that business! But writing content is sometimes hard and hiring an article writing service is most of the time expensive. But what if you could have written most of the articles written for you? This is possible with a Tool called Article Builder by Jon Leger.  article builder review

What is Article Builder about?

Article Builder is an article writing software, where you can generate your articles on different topics.


Here is a small pick from the categories that you can choose to generate your article:

  • Automotive
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Food
  • Health
  • Home and Family
  • Music
  • Pets (Cats / Dogs)
  • Sports
  • Shopping
  • Technology
  • If you want to see all the Categories, please visit the Article Builder Page itself

How does Article Builder work?


  1. Choose your category of you generated article
  2. Choose if you want to Use Super Spun content
  3. Use Expanded Super Spun Content (More Info about this in the Article Builder itself)
  4. Also you can enter some Subtopic Keywords. In my example its “porsche” and “ferrari”
  5. You can set your target Word Count (from 300-1000 words per article)
  6. You can choose how many article Article Builder should generate
  7. You can store these settings in Your Saved Jobs
  8. There are also Advanced Options
  9. After that you can simply click on “Build My Article!”

article builder review

 Article Created by Article Builder

After you have hit the “Build my Article” button after a few milliseconds article Builder creates you Article(s) for you:


You can also also post your Article directly to your WordPress Blog!


Article Content Injection

Another possible Article Creation is to inject existent content of yours and Article Builder  checks your Content and adds some appropriate content:


My experience with Article Builder

I am using Article Builder myself, so for fast content creation I can really recommend this tool. So for example if you are doing SEO and you want fast rankings of your Sites, then Article Builder does its job very nice. Or if you have a new website and you need content, then you can also use Article Builder aswell.

For example you can quickly create an article, put it on your website and after a few weeks you can recreate your own article. Or if you see that your website is successful, you then can let your article write by experienced (mostly expensive) writers.


Article Builder is well worth it’s price and the Content is unique (to 75% and up), which lets you rank your posts/pages quickly rank in Google. So Article Builder spairs you a lot of hard work. If you want the best quality content, than you still have to write the content yourself or hire a writer for example on Freelancer.

Click here if you want to give Article Builder a try!


What to know when you are buying the first Solo Ad

Quite simply, some online marketers need payment as a swap for delivering a contact you’ve created for their subscriber list.

This isn’t the same as purchasing the subscriber list itself to become obvious. A solo advertisement doesn’t give access to you to mail addresses. Instead, you’re permitted to write a note – better-known like a swipe e-mail – the list-owner may deliver to her or his customers for you.

You’ve to trust the list operator is actually delivering your communication to their checklist, and also to the amount of readers he/she guaranteed by doing this. You’re more trusting the vendor includes a receptive, involved listing of customers by having an fascination with your market.

For many more and these reasons, less-scrupulous solo ad vendors dupe several beginners to online marketing. Please evaluate this total manual to purchasing your solo advertising before spent a cent.

Are Solo Ads Right for Our Company?

You have to understand some fundamental measurements concerning the give you are marketing before purchasing a solo advertisement. In a nutshell, this is actually as determining your price of purchase to create a purchase the same. Just how much is traffic well worth for you?

You have to have three bits of info to start:

  • What objective conclusion would you like to happen?
  • Just how much is the fact that objective conclusion value for you?
  • At what price does that objective conclusion happen?
    For example, let’s assume you’re marketing a joint venture partner present. Any time you market that present that is $79, you generate a fee of $39.50. To your offer site you get for each 1000 targeted prospects, the present will be purchased by 47, giving a fruitful transformation price of 4.7% to you.

At this point you realize that every 1000 prospects you can your present site may be worth $1856.50. You’ll be rewarding to place it merely, as long as you can purchase targeted visitors at significantly less than $1.85 per-visitor. Likewise, you’ll not be unprofitable as long as you maintain your advertising invest under $39.50 for each 21.3 targeted prospects.

It’s very important to observe that not all objective completions need to include creating a purchase.

Sometimes, the target might be to achieve a brand new customer for your own subscriber list. You have to know a brand new e-mail customer may be worth for your company if this is actually the situation. People who can’t determine a contact subscriber’s worthiness with complete guarantee must stay away from solo advertisements to construct their subscriber list.

Should I purchase a Solo Advertisement?

Ads are usually offered utilizing 1 of 2 pricing models:

  • Fixed Price
  • Performance-Based
    A fixed-price solo advertisement implies that you spend a collection cost as a swap to get a particular quantity of emails to be sent. This is actually the most typical method that fresh online marketers get cheated although a lot of trustworthy vendors provide fixed costs. They concentrate on the amount of emails being delivered, as opposed to opens’ amount, press- thrus.

If you should be a new comer to online marketing, I would recommend you simply buy solo advertisements on a functionality-based pricing model. These solo advertisements are listed based on the amount of:

Yes, you’ll undoubtedly spend more to get a solo advertisement listed on the performance-centered design, however, you will also be ensuring your benefits.

Utilizing the illustration above, should you might assure 1000 specific press-thrus for your present site for an expense of significantly less than $1856.50, you’d find a revenue being made by yourself.

Most importantly otherwise, if you don’t have sufficient traditional information to determine it with precision, or do not understand your transformation price, please don’t buy solo advertisements. Most probably, you’ll lose money. Exhaust all advertising paths that are other first, particularly techniques that are free, to measure and enhance your conversion price.

Where May I Buy Ads?

Udimi stays a well known option for buying solo advertisements though online marketers appear to have merged evaluations. This system is comparable to a social-network for the reason that you and they can search users developed by solo marketing vendors, connect, or turn into a seller yourself.


You will find hundreds, or even an incredible number of locations to supply solo advertising online. The greater problem is…

When The Vendor Is Trustworthy how Do You Understand?

Just like the majority of things, an offer that seems too-good to become true often is. If you discover a vendor encouraging 1000 press-thrus for your page then you will soon be dissatisfied using the outcomes. Such situations, your personal view that is best is the greatest protection against fraud.

Usually of flash, attempt to stay with common systems, for example Udimi. This really is particularly true if you should be to purchasing solo advertisements new. These platforms both provide a kind of person position program that’ll provide you with a feeling of how reliable there is a vendor.

Should you decide to purchase a solo ad independently by PayPal or charge card, you’re doing this at your personal risk. Additionally, if you should be not able to straight speak just before purchasing with the vendor, that’s a significant cause for problem.

Lastly, a fast google-search might help you find assets for online marketers, for example Solo Ads Blacklist, that requires a neighborhood-centered method of determining less trustworthy vendors.


How Do You Create A Fruitful Swipe E-Mail?

There are many sources online that will help one to create more efficient advertising emails, including both backup in the torso of the subject line and also the e-mail. You’ll observe that all swipe e-mails, frequently known merely as swipes, match 1 of 2 common explanations:

Long Copy
Brief Content
This merely describes along the swipe while you suspected. A backup swipe that is brief often includes significantly less than 100 words.

I favor brief backup when feasible even though emails I deliver individually are once lengthy. It’s better to maintain the backup brief and also to the purpose because the receiver of one’s swipe doesn’t have individual connection along with you. Ask just how, and yourself, in several phrases may I protect who wherever, when, why?

To action, a swipe must have a powerful call like a best-practice. It and simply one-page will link, and also the copy’s whole purpose ought to be to motivate a click that link. Towards the center, that link ought to be incorporated once in a nutshell backup and when at the conclusion. In backup that is lengthy, contain that link in three locations – at finish, center, and the beginning.

Inside your swipe, make use of a following link if at all possible. Do your vendor to be kept by this truthful. You ought to have the capability to confirm that these clicks were precisely shipped if he/she offers you a collection quantity of ticks. This is often as incorporating an UTM following signal towards the link as easy, you would like visited.

Just like almost everything in advertising, your benefits are tested by A/W. Their checklist in two halves if at all possible, possess the vendor section. Utilizing two distinct following links, decide which swipe creates a reaction that is tougher. If required, purchase two diverse solo advertisements for checklist sections or 2 distinct listings so you may check each swipe individually.

As time passes, you ought to not be unable to build up 2-3 brief backup swipes and impressive lengthy for the present, each using its own effective proactive approach.

If Our Solo Advertising Was Effective how Do You Calculate?

If you have for monitoring the origin of objective completions a technique, for example Googleanalytics, evaluate the outcomes of one’s solo advertising for your conversion price that is common. In case your common transformation price is 4.7%, and also you produced 1000 press-thrus, you need to be prepared to observe even more or 47 revenue caused by your solo advertising.

It might be as a result of quantity of elements in case your solo advertisement led to a transformation price below regular:

Did the vendor supply genuine press- thrus?

Was your solo advertisement sent to a specific listing who’d have curiosity about your present?
This content of one’s swipe in line with exactly what the person discovered after clicked your link?
These, along side numerous additional facets, might subscribe to a transformation price that is lower than you’d have anticipated.

By taking a look at your returnoninvestment nevertheless, the best measure of one’s achievement is. Should you gained more about the press- than it cost to create them thrus obtained, your solo marketing campaign was successful. For example, should you invested $500 in your solo advertisement, leading to $790 in internet profits, you had been rewarding.

Today will be a good-time to examine your swipes, the outcomes of your A/W check, and also vendor and the checklist you selected. Successfully advertising through solo advertisements does take persistence, time, along with a budget that may be significantly flexible of an attitude.

Some Conclusions on Ads

Ads could be an impressive method to nearly immediately create traffic. Further, they’re a typical way of marketing a brief-phrase present, including several affiliate programs. And when you’ve discovered a vendor that may provide a lucrative and regular quantity of press-thrus for your site, you are able to range your marketing initiatives that are solo towards the degree of one’s income that is available.

About the hand, if you should be dealing with a budget that is restricted, you might find that solo marketing completed on the smaller-scale won’t win a sizable reaction that is enough to pretty calculate effectiveness or its effectiveness. Furthermore, since not all online users are excited to get revenue offers by e-mail, you might find that your manufacturer can be throw by substantial solo marketing in a light that is negative.

It really could be more costly though purchasing solo ads might be quicker than building a natural subsequent. Provide consideration just before purchasing a solo advertising for your budget. In several circumstances, you’ll discover that you will get a much better returnoninvestment from Google AdWords or Facebook advertisements.

Read my Review about Udimi here

Udimi – Honest Review about Buying Solo Ads with Udimi

Introduction udimi review

udimi review

udimi review

Name: udimi

udimi review

Intro to Solo Ads

First of all, maybe you have no clue what I am talking about right now. But that’s totally OK! So, what the heck are Solo Ads? Read my entire Article here: Solo Ads Explained udimi review

What is Udimi about?

If you are sick, tired and fed up with browsing the web to find top quality solo ad suppliers you’re certainly in the right area! Udimi is the most effective place to locate numerous high quality solo ad suppliers under one roof. With Udimi you’ll have item of mind recognizing your purchasing website traffic from solo ad vendors that have your best interest in mind, which is high-quality, budget friendly traffic. udimi review

Udimi has their very own quality assurance system in position so you do not invest your difficult earned money purchasing junk website traffic.

Below are a few instances of website traffic Udimi will not count:

  • Non-email web traffic
  • Online search engine crawlers
  • Spam email farmer bots, worms, ping/uptime tracking brows through
  • Scams or fake clicks
  • Anonymous proxy traffic udimi review
  • Botnet web traffic and various other sorts of phony web traffic
  • Replicate clicks from the very same recipient
  • Individuals with impaired javascript
  • Clicks from an individual, who invested much less compared to 3 secs on your site
  • —> In essence this means, that you get REAL traffic from REAL people!

Open up a free account or upgrade to their prime subscription.

With the Udimi prime subscription you achieve:

  • Unlimited Optin as well as Sale Monitoring
  • Click heatmaps, interest heatmaps, time invested in site
  • Free Twelve Month access to their great little solo ad schedule
  • Endless click statistics storage space
  • Advanced website traffic filtering system
  • Prime mark on your account
  • Concern assistance
  • And of course so much more…

udimi review

Check out udimi yourself here!

Solo Ads Explained

Just what is a Solo Ad?

Solo Ads Explained: If you are new to internet marketing this phrase has actually possibly been sprayed quite a lot. And your possibly asking yourself … What exactly IS a Solo Ad. What can I leverage with that? Exactly what are the solo ad keys? Just how precisely can it can expand my business? And also ultimately just how do I tackle locating solo ad providers.

Read ahead…   Solo Ads Explained

Solo Ads Explained!

solo ads explained

solo ads explained

A Solo Ad is a form of advertisement (“renting” an email list you can say) that is sent out to an entire or portion of an mail subscriber list.

What you are essentially doing is buying targeted web traffic to your website or associate web links that you are looking to advertise.

I personally make use of solo ads to continue to build my list, and also work closely with affiliate business to understand which items are transforming well (solo ad key, checklist structure ). Solo Ads Explained

This way I cover my front end prices to advertise without associate sales commissions, all while including in my listing dimension. (And often I even come out profitable!) Solo Ads Explained

* Don’t worry merely comprehend that, your acquiring solo ads to either:
A. makes sales, B. collect emails/names to create your own listing or C. do both.

Rules to Developing a Successful Solo Marketing campaign

  1. Think of a memorable subject line. Aim to keep the subject line short, pleasant and attractive. Think of old headlines from advertising firms that attracted you to open their e-mail. You will certainly wish to make use of comparable if not the same subject lines as those. (BUT KEEP IT RELEVANT, no one dislikes anything greater than clicking something and also obtaining guided to something completely different, you may get a high click price, however your optin rate will certainly be awful. As well as your unsubscribe rate will skyrocket!) Solo Ads Explained
  2. Use innovative language throughout the email. An enjoyable interesting post that is not verbose is less complicated to read compared to an extensive business short article that is completely dry. Keep your e-mail conversational and also easy. Use straightforward words and also provide VALUABLE info for your reader.
  3. Be specific with what you are exactly marketing about. Be clear in your objectives of the email. Make sure everything composed in your e-mail is written with an objective. Do not confuse the reader without just what they read, or with exactly what you are supplying. Solo Ads Explained
  4. Make sure to include links to exactly what that you are promoting. Give the visitor several choices to pick from. Everybody is different. A single person might intend to review an article on the most up to date cooking methods and the other may want to enjoy a video clip. Learn what MATERIAL your market intends to receive as well as your golden.
  5. Make sure you recognize your target audience, as well as what they opted into your checklist for. If the capture web page told them that they were jumping on a listing to obtain more details about tea kettles, do not send them an ad on car parts(common sense things men, yet you ‘d be amazed). This will certainly greater than most likely reason them to unsubscribe from your list, and mark you as a spammer. And if you didn’t know, both of those things are BAD.

Do you want to know, where you can buy solo Ads? Click here and read my Article: Udimi – Honest Review about Buying Solo Ads with Udimi


if you are brave, go directly to Udimi, where you can start to buy solo ads TODAY – and hopefully start to make money in a short period of time!



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